From the Shed: More modern bits for Zona Alfa (mostly).

I’ve been working on my moderns again, what started as getting a few bits for Zona Alfa has ended up being a project in its own right- I’m still looking at doing some urban SWAT type games. All the figures are from Spectre: either metal minis or 3d prints- see if you can tell which is which….

First up the British Special Reconassiance Regiment- part of UK special forces. Four covert operators plusa pair to provide some longer range fire support.

Then we have 2 lots of Russian equipped PMCs.

Some Western equipped PMCs

As well as a CIA Special Activities Centre operative, a leader figure with a map and a WW2 Anti tank rifle gunner- the latter weapons seem to be still turning up in wars despite their age. The barrel wasa little bent when I got it and considering its fragility I tried to stabalise it, somewhat successfully with a spare rucksack.

Finally some scatter terrain. The shed is from Warbases and the rest from Reaper Bones.



9 comments on “From the Shed: More modern bits for Zona Alfa (mostly).

  1. All very nice, Pete! 🙂 I’d be hard pressed to tell a resin 3D print apart from a metal mini these days!

  2. Comrade says:

    Looks great – I particularly like the scatter terrain.

  3. Faust says:

    Never seen those minis before. Nice job, Pete! Are they 28mm?

  4. Nice work Pete, and I must say I really like the first set of Russian equipped PMCs that camo looks spot on!

  5. Guru PIG says:

    Great painting Pete. The camo has come up a treat.

  6. patmcf says:

    great bunch of lads Pete and that terrain is so neat mate, that doesn’t look like the old stone slab you used for your photos earlier or have you cleaned it up !! Ha Ha!

  7. Oh they are all very nice mate, smashing painting on everything there, what did you thing of the reaper bones stuff by the way? I got a beat-up caravan from the range as part of my Advent Calendar off the wife in December, and it’s nice but smaller than I’d expected.

    Cheers Roger.

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