SP Project blog is the attempt by Pete S (or SP* as he has been known on various forums) to put some sort of order on to his gaming. Something of a gaming butterfly you’ll find posts here on land, sea and air gaming, from ancient times to Science Fiction with every level covered: Skirmish, tactical, operational and Strategic. Whilst the majority of the projects are based around toy soldiers, megagames and board games in particular feature heavily.


Also there is the odd historical feature and a list of the talks Pete has given to various historical societies.


*SP= Squeaky Pete- it was the name I used to DJ under during my misspent youth. As for how I was given the moniker….

2 comments on “About

  1. Guru PIG says:

    Hi Pete. You wanted to catch up about professional wargaming. My email is riskmatters01@gmail.com

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