From the Shed: German bases for Crossfire/ Megablitz.

Crossfire uses a base of troops to represent a squad (usually 3 figures) and Megablitz uses 2 on a 40mm base to represent a battalion. I thought I would base for Megablitz but then convert the Crossfire rules to use 40mm base widths rather than the imperial size suggested. As long as I adjust the artillery template in game I should be fine. The good thing about Crossfire, or at least its USP is it has no ranges and no fixed turns. I did these as a bit of a tester for my idea.

The single figures are platoon commanders for Crossfire.

Megablitz is a great but underrated system, had one game of it. Feels like playing a freeform board game in a way as it is concerned with high level battles. Each player usually commands a division so you can play some of the major actions of WW2 rather than just slices of them.