More bits from the Shed… broken a century with Russians and Argentinians

… been a productive month this April, painted over 100 20mm figures.

Here are a few bits:


First up a Under Fire Miniatures Soviet sniper- quite pleased with how this one turned out- she wasn’t speed painted like everything else I do.


A batch of MJ and Liberation Argentinians for the Falklands War.


Lastly, a bunch of Liberation and Under Fire modern Russians. This makes a 1 to 1 company of them I’ve got finished for my long running Chechnya project.



Falklands War- Airfix Pucara

Airfix Pucara.

I’ve just finished this kit for the Guild forum’s year long project build. I picked the theme of ‘Aircraft’ simply because I’ve got more off them unmade in my stash than anything else.

I wanted at least one Pucara to go with my Falkands project so I thought the Airfix would be a nice quick build… sadly it was not to be. Rather than being an Airfix original it is a reissue of a limited run kit. This means badly fitting warped parts, loads of flash and no locating pins. Needless to say it was a bit of a pig to do; lots and lots of filler and sanding. Also there was no way to get the cockpit canopy to fit. After a coat of paint it is passable at wargames distances but it doesn’t hold up to close inspection.

I had planned to get four ultimately as targets for a scaled down Pebble Island raid but given the state of the kit I’ve abandoned that idea.

Another Update

Starting this new year I’ve been keeping a log of what I’ve got done. Having it written in down in black and white has made me more productive. So hopefully this will continue.

I ordered some more figures from Elheim. I got some assorted special ops types, both modern (GWOT), Vietnam (SOG) and fictional (based on the Predator film), a pack of the new cold war Brits. These will go well with the Falklands era Brits I posted earlier. Also some USMC (GWOT as well) these have a variety of weapons to add variety to the 6 fireteams worth I’ve already got.

Managed to get a few games in too. A SWAT raid as well as a convoy game design by my friend Evan. I took some pics so I’ll upload them in due course.

Falkland War era Brits.

Given we’re in the year of its 30th anniversary I’ve decided to get a small collection of figures to re-fight the conflict- the main inspiration was in fact last year and a scenario in the Force on Force rule book. It was the first war I can remember- I distinctly remember the coverage on John Craven’s Newsround (I was only young in ’82). I’ve got a small selection of Argentine figures already- a mix of Stonewall/ Combat miniatures and Platoon 20s so I looked around for some suitable opponents. CP models/ TDQ have released 2 really nice packs so I decided to add them to my collection, I’m a big fan of their ranges.

I bought 3 packs, each of 6 figures: 1 pack of SAS with mixed weapons, 2 packs of Squaddies with SLRs, 7.62 Bren and Sterling. THe figures come with a choice of heads and optional backpacks/ Bergens. So I did the SAS with wool hats and the Squaddies all in helmets but one group with Bergens. I gave them a quick paint job- the closeup photos of them are a bit unforgiving and my rendition of DPM could do with a bit more green but I’m happy with them on mass.