A Gun Truck for Iraq.

I have a fondness for armed light vehicles, jeeps, trucks what have you. I find them fun to convert up too- bits of plastic card and cheap diecasts with bits from the spares box… that will keep me happily occupied in the shed for a few hours.

Ages ago I found some trucks in the Pound Shop in town that were a passable representation of the US M939, to improve them I gort some replacement wheels from S and S models. Like so much they were boxed up and put in the shed and half forgotten about. But now the weather is improving I’m trying to tidy it up and I was fed up of kicking the box around so I decided to get cracking with them.

I bought 4 trucks (now I wish I had bought significantly more of them) with the idea of forming a convoy for games set in the early part of the Iraq War 2003/4. Three of the trucks would remain as cargo trucks but I couldn’t help playing around with one of them:


This is the basic truck with the tilt removed and the wheels replaced with the white metal alternatives.


Plating was added with plastic card to represent the armour shets that were added inthe early pre MRAP days- the so called ‘hillbilly armour’. The gun is the venerable M2 HMG with came from the spares box, as did the plastic ammo boxes and tarp.


This top view shows off the ammo boxes and tarp better.


A coat of grey primer (also from the pound shop) ties it all together nicely before painting, which will be the next step….