For my regular Monday night game I put on another game of Kampfgruppe Normandy. Bill (UFM) and I took the British side against Evan’s Germans. I’m not so keen on points based games (and I’m the only one with a copy of the rule book) so I created a scenario- it was fictional but hopefully representative. The British had to break into a fortified village controlled by the Germans which was protected by a stream. The River was impassable to all troops and as the bridge was barricaded only infantry could use it. As I had planned for 2 players on the British side in a platoon level game- 1 armour (Bill), 1 infantry (me) rather than have D6 command points split between the two forces I decided to try D3 each.

The full briefings for each side are below.

British Briefing.

Date: June 1944.
Location: Normandy.
Situation: The Germans have fortified a village blocking the line of advance in this sector. They need to be pushed back and cleared from the buildings.
Victory Conditions: Clear the village.
Initial deployment: Up to 8” in on your two board edges.
Special Rules: The two bridges have been barricaded and are therefore impassable to vehicles but not to infantry.


Armour Command: D3+2 command points. MV 12.

Battlegroup HQ (supreme command)
1 command Churchill VII
2 Churchill VIIs
1 Churchill IV
1 Churchill Ark

Infantry Command: D3+1 command points, MV 12.

Platoon HQ.
3 infantry squads.
PIAT team.
3” Mortar.
Forward Artillery Observer.

Shared Assets:

Forward Air observer.
3 25pdrs (off table).

German briefing.

Date: June 1944.
Location: Normandy.
Situation: The tactic of fortifying villages to hold up the allied is working well. Defend this village to slow their advance.
Victory Conditions: Hold the village.
Initial deployment: Set up anywhere behind the river.
Special Rules: The 2 bridges have been barricaded to stop all vehicle traffic but not infantry. Nominate one building to provide reinforced cover. Crew served weapons may be dug in. Reinforcements arrive on turn 3- place them on your board edge.


Command points D6+2. MV 21.

Platoon HQ
3 Infantry Squads with 2 PzFs per squad.
3 MMG teams.
20mm flak and crew
50mm ATG and crew.
Forward Artillery observer.


1 STUGIII F command.
1Infantry squad.
1 MMG team.
(Both infantry units arrive in 1 truck).

The game started with a rush of the British infantry to clear on bridge whilst the armour stayed back. The MG42s did their job of suppressing the infantry well, given the low number of command points I had I struggled to make much headway only reaching the foot of the bridge. When my Vickers mounted on a Bren shot away a couple of teams it made things easier. Again the lack of points I had meant I made little use of any off table assets – that and my Platoon HQ spending most of the game stuck in a wood. Bill’s Churchills spent most of the game battling the PAK 38- it had little chance to brew them up but remained a threat all game till dispatched on the last turn with a well aimed shot. The STUGIII came on but fell quickly to the 6pdr armed Churchill. Ultimately the Brits pushed the Germans beyond their breaking point with a slow attrition rather than with an fast advances. Not the most rewarding of wins to be fair- especially as Bill’s new Ark didn’t get to deploy


Changes for next time: Swap STUGIIIF for G as the F wasn’t in Normandy. Go back to D6 for the British command roll and let the players fight it out amongst themselves. Add more fortified buildings for the German player which should increase the length of the game.


Kampfgruppe Normandy.

I recently bought the Kampfgruppe Normandy rules in the half price sale, the full price had put me off previously like a lot of others it seems… given the number of people I’ve spoken to who have bought it in the same sale. To be fair you do get a huge full colour glossy rulebook for your money with plenty of scenarios in, on the other hand the full price of £48 is pretty steep and it only covers the Normandy campaign (the lists in the book are UK Armoured, UK Infantry, US Armoured, US Infantry, SS Panzer, Heer Panzer, Heer Infantry, Fallschrimjager).

So far I’ve umpired 2 games of it, yet to actually play in one though. The system is really straightforward; both players picked it up quickly (though they did seem to under use Suppressing fire- I’ll have a word with them before the next game). I’ve taken a few pics so i thought I’d put them here.