4th quarter and end of year report 2016

In the last quarter I:

Painted 1 28mm figure, finished 4 1/72nd scale vehicles and read 33 books.

Over the last year I have:

painted 91 20mm, 1 28mm, 104 6mm and 24 15mm figures; built and painted 12 1/72nd kits, 73 1/300th vehicles and 2 1/1200th boats.

Also I have read 108 books.

Totals have been down compared to previous years but I’ve been finishing of my MA.

Happy New Year btw; I’ll do a plans for 2017 post soon.



3rd Quarter 2016

Things have been a little slow recently. A series of headaches meant a trip to the optician; this revealled a sudden deterioration in my vision. I’ve got new glasses but they are taking a bit of getting used to so I’ve not been spending much time on the PC or in the shed.

Anyway enough self pity:

I painted 19 20mm figures. Finished 6 1/72nd plastic kits and I read 25 books.





4th quarter and end of year report 2015.

In the fourth quarter I painted 44 20mm and 63 6mm figures, 8 1/72nd scale vehicles and 67 1/300 sized ones. I also read 30 books.

This makes the years totals to be:

289 20mm,  76 28mm, 16 54mm and 75 6mm figures painted.

58 1/72nd kits, 67 1/300th vehicles, and 29 1/600th aircraft painted

plus 112 books read.

Not too shabby all told- more variation than previous years too.

Next post will be a recap of the years and my plots and plans for 2016.





3rd 2015 Quater Progress.

It’s that time again for a progress update- I’m still finding it motivating so I will keep it going.

Pleased to say that my reading mojo (for want of a better term) has returned… it had wandered away for July and August.

This past quarter I painted 132 20mm figures, 25 1/72nd kits, 12 1/300th vehicles and read 24 books.