1st Quarter 2017 – Progress Report

This first quarter I have painted 5 28mm and 53 20mm figures, finished off 3 1/72nd scale kits and read 35 books. It was a good quarter for reading.


Other than that I am busy with megagames development, I am involved with developing two games for next year. On the miniatures front I am busy with moderns in both 20mm and 6mm as well as getting some more of my 20mm WW2 stuff finished off. More pictures to follow when I’ve got stuff done.





4th quarter and end of year report 2016

In the last quarter I:

Painted 1 28mm figure, finished 4 1/72nd scale vehicles and read 33 books.

Over the last year I have:

painted 91 20mm, 1 28mm, 104 6mm and 24 15mm figures; built and painted 12 1/72nd kits, 73 1/300th vehicles and 2 1/1200th boats.

Also I have read 108 books.

Totals have been down compared to previous years but I’ve been finishing of my MA.

Happy New Year btw; I’ll do a plans for 2017 post soon.



3rd Quarter 2016

Things have been a little slow recently. A series of headaches meant a trip to the optician; this revealled a sudden deterioration in my vision. I’ve got new glasses but they are taking a bit of getting used to so I’ve not been spending much time on the PC or in the shed.

Anyway enough self pity:

I painted 19 20mm figures. Finished 6 1/72nd plastic kits and I read 25 books.





4th quarter and end of year report 2015.

In the fourth quarter I painted 44 20mm and 63 6mm figures, 8 1/72nd scale vehicles and 67 1/300 sized ones. I also read 30 books.

This makes the years totals to be:

289 20mm,  76 28mm, 16 54mm and 75 6mm figures painted.

58 1/72nd kits, 67 1/300th vehicles, and 29 1/600th aircraft painted

plus 112 books read.

Not too shabby all told- more variation than previous years too.

Next post will be a recap of the years and my plots and plans for 2016.