Progress Report: 4th quarter and end of year tallies….

Firstly I would like to take this chance to wish everyone a happy new year. Here is hoping it is better for everyone than this year has been. On a personal level asaide from Covid it has actually been OK- PhD started and lots of gaming done in ways that I hadn’t explored before (this will be blogged on later…).

4th quarter saw me read 18 books (can do much better) paint 29 20mm and 27 28mm figures whilst finishing 13 1/300th, 2 1/100th, 5 1/72nd, and 2 1/56th scale models.

For the whole year that gives us a total of….

112 books read, 80 20mm and 138 28mm figures painted as well as 13 1/300th, 9 1/200th, 2 1/100th, 14 1/72nd and 3 1/56th scale models finished.

I won’t be a doing a plans for the forthcoming year list as I’m still working my way through my list from my earlier post; I’m happy with what I put on it so will stick with it..



Progress Report: 1st quarter 2020.

These past 3 months I have read 31 books, paint 20 28mm minis and the 9 Aeronautical Imperialis aircraft.

Good on books but poor on everything else. That needs rectifying.

The last few weeks have been rather worrying and disconcerting for pretty much the whole world. I’d like to take this chance to say to all my blogging friends stay safe and I wish all of you well.





Progress Report- 2nd Quarter 2019.

In the past 3 months I have painted 305 6mm, 50 20mm and 3 28mm figures, finished 4 1/72nd kits, 58 1/300th vehicles and read 28 books.

Not a bad quarter all things considered- dropped a bit on books from last quarter so I need to re- double my efforts (partly due to a book I thought was poorly written but the information in it was good, I felt I should finish it but my enthusiasm wasn’t that high).




Progress Report: 4th quarter 2018 and end of year round up.

In the last three months I have painted 19 28mm figures and 124 20mm figures. I finished 5 1/72ndd scale kits, two 1.144th scale kits and 17 1/3400th scale vehicles. I have also read 36 books.


For the year that makes…

123 6mm figures painted,

300 20mm figures painted,

77 28mm figures painted,

51 1/300th vehicles finished,

2 1/144th scale aircraft finished,

12 1/72nd kits wee completed,

I also read 138 books.


All in all a pretty good year. Comparable with last year for figures/ kits done but my bext year yet for books.