Necromunda Campaign Game 2

Yesterday I went down to the club for my second outing with ‘Tech Noir’. I was drawn against Mark’s Escher which I knew would be a tough fight as they have poisoned weapons. Lots of poisoned weapons. The only real counter to them is to be tough, tougher the better… something my pencil- necked techno geeks aren’t.

necro 2_1

Tech Noir lined up before deployment on to the table.

For the second cycle of the campaign the scenario was predetermined to be ‘The Hit’ with elements of the stronger gang trying to take out the leader of the weaker gang. Reading through the set up details I thought it was as good as it could be. The Escher would have to come to me and I would just try to put as many shots as I could at the as the advanced.

necro 2_2

We played in the bottom half of this 4 foot by 8 foot table. I set up in the tallest tower roughly in the middle of the full table.

necro 2_7

Taking the high ground and deploying in all round firing positions.

I set up on the high ground as is my preference and waited the onslaught. Mark being the canny player that he is pegged my Rad Cannon armed Champion, Popov, as the biggest threat on the table so took him out with the first shot of the game with his sniper. Slumping wounded Popov fell off his lofty perch and plummented downwards. In the rules you take damage for falling, and falling 10″ would hurt most people. Fortunately one of the upgrades I bought after my first game was grav shutes for key personnel. This meant- although seriously injured he suffered no further damage from the fall.

necro 2_8

My ganger, Egor’ev,  who came on as reinforcement tries to take out the pesky sniper. Whilst he could pin him it never converted into any damage.

I moved a ganger, Ferzen, down to aid Popov’s recovery as the posioned wapon shots gradually took out my gangers. The Rad Cannon Champion and the assisting ganger were both taken out of the game by a poisoned knife. However Smirnov, my other Champion, took out one of his opposite numbers with a well aimed shot.

necro 2_9

Here you can see the Escher (Mark is using Dark Elsar as proxies) about to charge two of Tech Noir.

At the top of the tower Ozerov, my leader, realising that the Escher Gang was gunning for him decided that it better the run away and live to fight another day moved out of the way of the sniper who was itching for a shot. The ganger I’d left up their to defend him proved to be pretty effective in keeping the Eschers from getting up to that level of the tower.

necro 2_10

At game end- the middle sees my remaining champion stuck in melee whilst at top left Ozerov hides whilst protected by the ganger Rodionov.

I was getting plenty of hits on Mark’s gang but getting that converted to taking people out of the game is something I struggled with my low powered weaponary. As it was both Mark and I needed to take bottle tests to see if we would continue fighting. Careful use of a tactics cards gave me the edge and I passed my roll.; Mark failed his which meant he called off the hit on my Leader. I scraped a win, I had 4 fighters down so it was something of a pyrrhic victory.

That said the cash, reputation lift and Rogue Doc that has now joined my gang will be useful for future fights. I think a challenge match is in order though to get some more experience for my gang as though I’m two wins for the campaign my gang is small compared to the others.

I will have to see what I can get sorted for next week.


By the way I took a shot of the club space. As you can see it has plenty of room and tables. Currently four are given over to Necromunda, with two for Infinity and one for the Batman game.

necro 2_4





Necromunda Campaign- Game 1.

Last night I went down to the club for my first scheduled campaign game. There are six gangs taking part and we each have a game against each over gang programmed, then a final multiplayer game to finish off the campaign. In between times you are free to challenge any other player for a match; useful if you want to steal a specific territory from them.


The table complete with light up plasma ball.

My first game was against my old friend J with his Goliath gang ‘Golgotha’s Furnace Boys’ I’d seen some of the conversions he had done and I knew that they’d be monsters in close combat, something I was keen for my fragile little techno-nerds to avoid.


My leader Ozerov organises the firing line.

As such I had no real plan other than to shoot them as much as possible and run away if they got close. Sadly the shooting part proved to be tricker than imagined given the weakness of my weapons’ strength against J’s roid- raging gym bunnies’s toughness.


Over on my right flank I put my faith in the heavy weaponary.

A further complications was my run of bad luck in ammo checks: a one point all bar one of my gang was unloaded, fortunately at that time the Goliaths were too far away to take advantage of it.


Two of the Goliaths advancing forward.

The game was a case of death by a thousands cuts for J. Lots of shots taken by me resulted in lots of flesh wounds slowing him down. The only ‘kill’ (out of game result) was my juve ‘Chagin’ taking down the champion Goliath ‘MC Slammer’. For the record all my gangers were named after Russian Admirals from thee Russo- Japanese War (I grabbed a book that was close at hand to crib them from).


MC Slammer just before his encounter with twin laspistols.

J was on balance more unlucky than I was with three of his gangers going out of action with bad recovery rolls on his part. His juve ‘Twink’ made it all the way across the board before being riddled with lasgun fire before being dispatched with a shot in the back.


The firing line held. Held, but with a lot of reloading.

With a lot of his gang down J decided to ‘bottle’ and leave the field leaving me the winner. In the post battle sequence I captured one of J’s fallen gangers meaning he could, if he wished, challenge my to rescue him back. As he declined I sold the ganger on for the cash. In the end I got quite abit of cash that I’ll think on how to spend before my next game. Looking forward to it already. Thanks to J for the great game and Marcus for coming down to open up the club for us both.







Tech Noir take to the field.

I had my first game of Necromunda with my new gang yesterday. It was also my first time down at a local games club (great venue and great guys there, loads of really cool terrain too). Whilst I used the gang list I intended to use in the campaign it wasn’t a campaign game- the injuries and any experience gained would not carry through. It was quite good fun to create my gang- something I’d not done in years.

Marcus was a great player; introducing me to the system, and a very useful gang management program yaqtribe (would have loved it in the 90s). Interestingly Marcus had a Van Saar gang too so they game was more about trading shots than running in to close combat (something that Van Saars are terrible at).


The game table. This is one of the ‘small’ tables set up for Necromunda.

The game went really well- I read through the rules so had a good idea of how it plays. That and the new version of the rules has a lot of similarities with the old version I’d played so much.


Led by the Champion with the Rad Cannon Tech Noir move forwards.


My leader figure is pinned but a ganger (in the foreground) offers covering fire.


Champion with plasma pistol moves forward- the gun ran out of charge/ ammo so was reduced to chucking grenades by the end of the game.


The opposition- Marcus made very similar colour choices to me with his gang.


Marcus’ leader and ganger taking cover behind a barricade.

The game went in my favour with my opponent suffering some terrible luck but it did give me lots of ideas of how Tech Noir will play out in the campaign proper.


Now I’ve got a grasp of the rules I’m really looking forward to getting into the campaign, first game is on Thursday. I even went to the local game shop to buy tactics cards and game dice in preparation.





Tech Noir- a Van Saar gang for Necromunda.

As I previously mentioned I was gifted a box of Van Saar gangers from GW a bit back. I also got invited to join a fortnightly campain which is starting this Thursday. Accordingly I worked over the weekend to get my gang finished for tonight’s practice game (which I really could do with).


Here are the pics of the individual gang members:


Leader with Combi- Weapon.


Champion with Rad- Cannon.


Champion with Plasma gun.


Juve with twin Laspistols.


Ganger with lasgun.


Ganger with suppression laser.


Ganger with lasgun and laspistol.


Another Ganger with lasgun.


Final Ganger with lasgun, I added an Skitari head for a bit of variety.

If you are wondering about the origin of their name:

Give I was unhappy with the previous GW Pox Walkers that I painted I fell back on the speed painting techniques that I know work for me. So, given the time I spent on them I’m happy at how they turned out.




Speed paints and a fail from the shed.

I’ve been hit with the painting bug recently so have been trying to get stuff finished off in the shed.

I quickly knocked out these Pegasus Vietnam US marines see review here I really liked them. Good sculpts and a wide range of weaponary being fielded.

vietnam marines

With the recent games of 5core: Brigade Commander that we have all been enjoying I’ve bought some more 6mm/ 1/285th / 1/300th aircraft to add some variety. The most recent ones to be painted up are:

il 28 beagle

An IL28 ‘Beagle, model from Scotia Grendel.

su 7

A Su7 ‘Fitter’, again from Scotia Grendel.


A Skyraider painted in Vietnam era US Navy colours. Model is from Raiden bought via Magistermilitum when they were getting rid of their stock.


A Korean War USN era Panther again from Raiden.


Last of the aircraft was an early 1960s USAF F100 Super Sabre, also from Raiden.


When I bought the GW 40k Chaos Cultists that I blogged about a bit back I also bought some poxwalkers the Nurgle Zombie type things. In my minds eye I had an idea of what I wanted then to look like… rotting green appendages going into pale sickly looking skin. Accordingly I didn’t think that my usual speed painting methods were suitable so I tried to paint them ‘properly’ you know, washes, shading, highlights and so on. I spent ages on them and I don’t think the end results justify the time invested. I mean they look ok but still a long way from what I wanted to achieve. Still, it serves me right for being clever I guess.

pox walkers 1

pox walkers 2

pox walkers 3

So for my Van Saar Necromunda gang that I’ve currently got on the painting bench I’ve gone back to my tried and trusted methods….





Megagmunda: The megagame.

Back in the mid nineties when I was doing my A levels I used to play a lot of Games Workshop’s Necromunda game and over the years I’ve read a bit of Judge Dredd, although I’ve never been a massive 2000AD fan, so when the mash up of both of these SF universes was added to the Pennine Megagames Calendar I definately wanted to play.

Megamunda, a mining planet,  was divded up into four citi tables over which the gangs fought for control of the seedier parts of the economy whilst the miners were in town to spend their hard earned cash. The five gangs (Troggies, Neon Knights, Cosmic Punks, Van Der Saars and Bandidos) had a representative in each citi who had to fight for control on a hex map my placing countrol counters down and fighting for turf. There were a large group of judges who tried to keep law and order on each of the citi tables, above them were the Governor and planatary wide level. To complicate matters further the mysterious Inquisitions were present doing secret things.

20180728_141906 2


I was asked by Philip, the game designer, if I minded being put with a group of first time gamers to give them a bit of help if they needed it. I didn’t mind at all so was given the role of the deputy gang boss for the Bandidos. At this point you may have noticed that some megagames have adressing up element to them, something that I’ve never really gon for myself but given my miss-spent you as a goth/ rivet head/ industral fan dressing as a SF gangmember was something I could easily do. Sadly most of my clothes from 20 years ago no longer fitted but I still had all my spiked arm bits and what not so I dug them out. I also got a friend of mine to shave my head into a mowhawk  and dye it yellow (The bandidos gang colour), I figured it would be getting into the spirit of things.


The game went really well. As deputy gang boss I wasn’t fixed to a single table but could chat/ scheme/ form alliances with the other gangs as well as sort out the money for the Bandidos. This meant I collect was the citi level bosses took each turn and then bought resources, different cards, for them to use in the game. These cards were sent through the central hub and there was a chance of them being intercepted by the judges and anything illegal confiscated. Gang members in each different citi could also trade cards this way too. The gang bosses could also hangout in the wastelands and play gamble for game cash. I’m not the betting sort, at least not with games of chance, but when introduced to Liar’s Dice a game of bluff and deception I took to it straight away and found I was quite good at it. I won 2/3rds of my games and got some good stuff for my gang.

The game cards were fun and you could set up some good combinations with them. We were planning an offensive against the Troggies in one of the citis so used card to spy on the assets and steal the best ones before we launched our, successful, attack against them.

We entered an alliance fairly early with the Van Der Saars; we agreed to not fight each other and help out in fights if needed as well as passing along any items that the other side wanted. I’ve read enough H P Lovecraft to be suspicious when they asked for any old books that we came across…. I did get pulled in by the Inquisition for an interrogation to see if I knew anything about the missing governor, any heretic or any xenos on the planets. I didn’t voice my suspicions about the Van Der Saars but after I was let go I wrote down my accusation on a piece of paper. I kept it handy, if I ever felt that we were being betrayed by the Van der Saars I would have slipped it to the Inquisitors.

The team I was with for the most part really enjoyed their day and they wee agreat bunch too. Only one of them seemed not so keen. At the end of the day we had achieve 2 out of the 3 (and probably the 3rd to be fair) objectives we had been given as a gang which was as much as others so that was pretty succesful.

It was a great day, and a nice change to get to play a game too. For a first game it worked very well. A few tweaks could be made to the design but they’d mostly be nitpicking.


Apologies for the paucity of pics- my phone camera isn’t the best and most came out blurry.








And now for something completely different: 40K Chaos Cultists.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had been gifted a box of the rather nice new Van Saar gang figures for Games Workshop’s Necromunda. I want to do a good job painting them so I thought I’d get my eye in on some other GW figures first. To this end I bought one of the cheap packs of Chaos Cultists and gave them a go.


You’ll notice I based them on washers- I’m not a fan of the big lipped bases.








I’m pleased with how they turned out; I went for drab muddy colours trying to get some feel of the whole ‘blanchitsu’ things. Was good fun paining Sci Fi figures- like being 12 again. In fact I’m looking forward to doing some more.