SWAT game scenario.


Here is the full briefing I used to run the SWAT game. If you fancy running it yourself but haven’t got a suitable warehouse model handy you can do as I did and use the one from Fabled Environments. I got mine through Wargames Vault:


If anyone does a similar game themselves let me know, I’d be interested to see your take on it.

SWAT game.

Last year I was involved in a RPG campaign run by my mate Brian (Brush Wars http://brushwars.wordpress.com/); we played secret agents in a game called Conspiracy X (think X files style investigations with an over arching conspiracy). During the course of our investigation we had to plan a raid on a group of hackers/ survivalists. I really enjoyed that part of the game, it harked back to the fun I had with the first Rainbow Six PC game back in the day…

… So I decided to try to incorporate some of these ideas into my table top games. Around the same time a number of factors combined to put all of necessary parts into place. A true crime book gave me the idea for the scenario, through Wargames Vault( http://www.wargamevault.com/) I found modern building plans that you can print out including a small warehouse that would be ideal as a target building for the raid and are group got into the family of rules put out by Two Hour Wargames (http://www.twohourwargames.com/)which are ideal for low level skirmishes.

Brian and Evan were happy to take the role of the SWAT planners- I gave them 200 points to buy both intelligence and assets for the raid. The more they spent on finding out about their targets the easier it would be but they would have less points to buy assets to play with. Given that in my experience wargamers rarely agree on anything it was with much amusement I watched the pair of them try to formulate a plan. If people are interested let me know and I’ll up load the full scenario.

The game was played out in 20mm using the reaction tables from 2HW’s All things Zombie. The figures came from a variety of manufactures: Liberation, Elhiem, Caesar plastic and old GW Dark Future figures. The helicopter and cars are all assorted diecasts.

I’ll admit that using a paper printout for the warehouse does sacrifice a fair bit in terms of visual aesthetics it did make it very easy to game on.

The game went really well- the flash bangs used by the SWAT teams really made it easy for them and reduced their casualties. 2 cops took rounds but their body armour protected them. 2 Bikers were killed and the rest of the gang and drug manufactures were easily arrested. The basic premise of the game worked well and it’ll be something I’ll expand on.