Normandy trip- The Mulberry harbour.

As request by Chris here are the photos of the remains of the Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches; Dad and I visited on the Tuesday of our holiday.

When we arrived the tide was fairly high up the beach but the remains of both the breakwater and the pontoons were still visible.


We took a quick look on the beach to get a bit closer.


We then took a wander around the other outside exhibits before going into the museum whilst the tide receded.


A 5.5 inch gun- there are quite a lot of these preserved around Normandy.


A section of the roadway that linked the pontoons with a little bulldozer on top.



There is a gun emplacement up the hill from the port with a Sherman on top of it which gives a nice view of the bay so we took a walk up there.



We then went into the nice little museum at Arromanches.


Inside was the usual combination of models and artifacts; the former were difficult to photograph as they were under glass.




By the time we had gone round the museum and watched the short video presentation in there the tide had gone out further revealing more of the Mulberry harbour.



The heart wasn’t my work btw.


Next Dad and I popped a couple of miles up the coast to see the gun battery at Longues Sur Mer but I’ll save that for another post.






Assorted vehicles and terrain bits.

I’ve got these finally finished off since the new year (I’ll also do a looking forward/ looking backward post tomorrow) so I thought I’d do a big photo dump of a post to get them out there:

First up- a 6mm sized ruined factory made from bit of resin I got from a private seller on the Lead Adventure Forum.



A small house from Leven miniatures, again in 6mm.


A barricade from S and S model scaled for 20mm. I’m tempted to give the bus some more weathering.



A Armourfast 1/72 Valentine converted to a Bishop with an S and S aftermarket part; the short coming of the Armourfast suspension are evident in the photo more than in real life. I may yet do some remedial work on them.


A cheak FAI 1/72 diecast repainted and decaled into a Finnish scheme.



A trio of 1.72 Rhodesian Bush War vehicles from S and S.


A Rhodesian SAS conversion of a Unimog,



An armoured lorry.


Another Unimog conversion; this time a mortar carrier. I’ll add the crew at a later date.


Three diecast 1/72 BTR60PBs.


Firstly a simple repaint.


One converted into a command variant BTR60PAU, conversion kit by S and S.


Repainted with infantry seated on the outside Afghan style (they considered mines a bigger risk than snipers). Infantry by S and S again.





A Soviet Valentine.

I’ve recently finished this kit as part of a forum’s group build. The kit is by Armourfast, the crewman by AB and the stowage is from an unkown manufacturer that I grabbed from my bits box.


As part of the lendlease agreement the Soviets recieved some 3462 Valentines (of all marks) from both British and Canadian production runs.


Although slow and lacking a HE round for the 2pdr it proved popular in Russian service, being standardised as a light tank during the middle years of the Great Patriotic War.


I decided to go for a work winter white wash paint scheme. It was easy to achive, green was used for the basecoat followed by a patch badly applied (on purpose) all over coat of white. Then by using a sponge and some Vallejo Russian Green paint the work paint effect was built up by carefully dabbing the green on to the exposed edges. A dark brown wash of thinned Vallejo Smoke was used to weather the paint job and add some grime.







Some bits for my WW2 Brits.

Latest bits to make their way out of the shed:



A pair of Chruchill, both from the Hasegawa kit- a Mk. II and the left and a Mk. I on the right.


A group of Commandos for D- Day: a mixture of Battlefield and AB.




They are armed with a mi

Petexture of weapons: Lee Enfields, Thompson SMGs, a PIAT, a Vickers K and a 2″ mortar.

All of these should be making their way to a table top soon.







Been a while since I’ve done one of these. I’ve finished the module work on my MA for the time being (just got some reading to catch up on) so I’ve got a bit more time to myself.


Accordingly I’ve been getting some work done in the shed- mostly focussing on my 6mm 1980s Cold War forces. A bit tricky to paint as they are rather small but I’m going for effect when they are massed together rather than individual masterpieces. There will be photos in due course. Also started on some 20mm Commandos for the Guild Forum’s group build.


Managed to get a few games in- well umpiring them at any rate. Funny how much of the rules we had forgotten.

I ran a Normandy game:



A Stalingrad game:


This evenings game wasa tank fest seeing hordes (well 8) of T34/85s facing off against a pair of Tigers. Sadly I didn’t take any pictures.


With regards to boardgaming I got in a game of ‘Fire in the Lake’ the Vietnam COIN game published by GMT. Their series has quickly become my favourite board game series and this Vietnam game is my preferred installment.


Its belend of Euro game style mechanics with a strong military/political theme makes for great game play.


Additionally I backed the ‘This War of Mine’ kickstarter. Based on the powerful and moving PC game I’m looking forward to early next year when I should get my copy.


Megagaming is going from strength to strength too which is very encouraging. The next one is Jena 1806 wher I’m stepping into to Boney’s shoes, should be an interesting experience and one I’ll do a full report on.


That’s all for now.








(Yet) More 20mm buildings.

Much as I said before I’m running out of room I’ve still got a few 20mm buildings to work through. Here are the latest three to be finished:



An Airfix 1/48th resin with extras added. Despite the scale it works fine for my 20mms. The sand bags are mostly from Javis with a few added by me.



The Aifix 1/72 ruined church. I merely added the base and rubble.




A rather nice MDF kit that I bought from ebay. Apologies as I have forgotten the manufacturer. It will be useful for some more 20mm modern games.







Air War Campaign Plans

Evan and I have been playing quite a few Air War games recently. They are quick to set up I suppose and you can fit a couple of small games into an evening so they suit our purposes well.

Often we try out a small combat just to see how the rules (a Victor Frankenstien like creation that has pulled in bits for everywhere) will handle a given situation. Evan has just finished painting up some 1/600th Me262 so we have been trying them.

The first game saw three Me 262 taking on a box of four B17s, they are hard hitting planes and their 30mm cannon will certainly make a mess of anything that they can hit.


As always the defensive fire of the B17s should not be under estimated. Getting this balance right has taken quitea few games and we are still not sure if it has been achieved to everyone’s satisfaction yet.


The second games was to try out something that we had both read of: Bf109s trying to keep US fighters off ME262s as the try to gain speed and alititude. Of the three that took off one exited the table with the other two turning back with damage. However the cost to the attacking Americans was heavy.

Sadly I took no pictures of that game; I find that 1/600th aircraft don’t photo too well with my limited skills and equipment.


Evan and I have talked about a campaign game for the new year. Hopefully it will be a crude approximation of the diofferent approaches to air combat the Germans and US took. The German player is trying to get 30 kills for his Ace pilot where as the US player has to get 30 kills for his entire squadron (who will start with no Ace pilots). The game will be played in groups of three games US versus generic German force, German versus generic US force then a head to head against both squadrons. I’ll post more details of the campaign system when I have written them.