Tis a loon….

I’ve always like the weird and unusual and several years ago my attention was drawn to a C4 program on Ekranoplans aka Wing in ground effect vehicles. Basically they are chopped winged planes that only fly a few metres above the ground- or more usually sea. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ekranoplan The Soviet Union was the only big promoter of these vehicles. An experimental series was started resulting in the massive ‘Caspian Sea Monster’a massive 73m long.

I picked up a model of the Loon aka Project 903, a medium to large Ekranoplan armed with 6 SS-N-22 anti shipping missile, off ebay. The project never saw service and only one prototype was finished before the funds ran out towards the end of the cold war. The impact that a fleet of such craft zooming in at low level can be imagined… …which is where my game idea comes in. Have the 1/1250 Loon being hunted down by 1/600 RAF planes somewhere north of Scotland.

One comment on “Tis a loon….

  1. Interesting as allways. Its good to see something different.

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