From the Shed: M1 Abrams

Just finished this modest expansion for my 6mm Cold War collection: two battalions worth of M1 Abrams for 5core: Brigade Commander. This are the first production models with the 105mm gun.


For those ‘Cold War goes hot’ games I think that for tabletop games the balance of forces is ‘best’ in the early 80s, much later and the mix of 120mm APFSDSDU tank shells, MRLS and Apaches skews the balance too much.



I added some roads on the bases of one battalion to differentiate it. Also I went for the plain forest green paint job on these as that way they could be easily distinguished from the M60s (in MERDC) and the later M1A1s (in NATO 3 colour).


A trio of M1s on smaller bases rounds out this little force.





17 comments on “From the Shed: M1 Abrams

  1. Bill Weston says:

    Looks good mate. Love the bases too.

  2. Those turned out fantastic!

  3. Nice Pete but I am struggljng to get my head around 6mm scale!

  4. Mark Brien says:

    NIce work Pete! I read one of your game AAR’s and I think this might be the set of rules I am looking for!

  5. Like them, Pete! Bases with roads on are a nice idea!

  6. Love the bases as well and truly effective painting on these Pete. I actually hit the American Heritage Museum yesterday and saw an M1A2, but my era was of course these you painted with the 105mm gun. Never got to fire from an Abrams, but I did from an M60A1 that had the same gun – still the absolute loudest thing I ever heard -ever. Nice job and thanks for sharing-as you say- cheers!

  7. patmcf says:

    I’m with TIM 6mm!!! This old guy could hardly see them ,you have certainly done well there mate!

  8. Jurjen says:

    Nice basing!

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