From the Shed: Vietnam Tunnel rats.

Another quick post- found these lurking underneath a piece of paper whilst looking for something else. I painted them when I did the Navy SEALs but did photograph them at the time.

The old Platoon 20 range for Vietnam is rather extensive and has some really characterful models in it. I should gets some more really but it will wait as Vietnam isn’t on my projects list.

Still might do- damm my scattergun approach to hobbying….

I’ve noticed in the photo that one of the bases needs touching up- I’ll do that before I store them away.



10 comments on “From the Shed: Vietnam Tunnel rats.

  1. Some different figures there! 🙂 I quite like Platoon 20 figures!

  2. Never bought any Platoon 20 fig’s for myself but did pick some us for a mate at work from a show once, and yes they are rather nice figures, I think they were Vietman one too, as I recall. Nicely done by the way, IO was off on a bit of a ramble there!

    Cheers Roger.

  3. Chris Kemp says:

    Lurking under a piece of paper … entirely appropriate, Pete 🙂

    Regards, Chris.

  4. Tunnel rats were so tough! Nice work honoring them Pete.

  5. I had these for a tunnel rat game we had made years ago. Looking great.

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